Tips To Help You Save This Festive Season

  1. Make a list and check it twice – make a list of everyone you need to buy for and allocate a price limit. Pre-plan what you’re going to buy each person to avoid impulse purchases. Planning is the best way to stick to your budget.
  2. Pre-plan your presents so that you can purchase them in the months leading up to Christmas to avoid one massive hit to your bank account right before Christmas.
  3. Search for sales – big discounts can be found at retailers in the lead up to Christmas.
  4. Look online for deals – if you’re purchasing online try to purchase a few presents from the one store to minimise delivery costs.
  5. Suggest Secret Santa to your family or friends – everyone is allocated one person and a budget is allocated for you to purchase a present for your nominated person.
  6. Share the load – if Christmas lunch is at your place, why not ask everyone to bring a dish? This won’t only share the cost but share the work for preparing on the day.
  7. Strapped for cash? Why not have a spring clean and sell any unwanted items on ebay or Gum Tree.
  8. Start saving early – At the beginning of 2018 setup a separate bank account where you transfer a budgeted amount for example $20 a week and by the time you reach Christmas you would have approximately $1,000 saved up.
  9. Do your research – search products online to see who has the best price. If there is a local retailer close by you can save on delivery costs by purchasing in store.

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